Our pure products

SoPure veggie&fruit bars

The surprising combination of fruit and vegetables makes the new SoPure veggie & fruit bars the ultimate responsible snack. They are 100% natural and rich in fiber. In short, a super tasty snack for on the road, at school or during work.

SoPure veggie & fruit bars are available in the flavors: apple-carrot-orange, strawberry-rhubarb and beetroot-blackcurrant.

SoPure organic fruit & nut bars

How our organic fruit & nut bars get their fresh fruit flavor? Because we only use sustainably grown and harvested ingredients and nothing else. Each bar contains at least 70% fruits, nuts or grains and seeds that come from organic farming. So nothing artificial, but just 100% organic ingredients. And you can taste it.

100% organic
and you can
taste it

We take the environment fully into account when producing our organic fruit & nut bars. For example the farmers who grow the fruit, nuts, grains and seeds for our bars use only natural pesticides and grow crops that are less susceptible to pests or diseases.

SoPure fruit & nuts high protein bars

The SoPure fruit & nuts high protein bars are the first vegetable protein bars without chocolate or muesli. SoPure fruit & nut high protein bars are enriched with 20% soya proteins, have a fresh fruit flavor and a crunchy bite of nuts and seeds. The tastiest snacks for an active body.

Proteins (proteins) together with fats and carbohydrates are the most important nutrients for our body. In addition proteins also contribute significantly to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.

Without it we notice a lot of muscle tissue in our body starts to decrease from the age of 40. This is also the age at which many people begin to exercise less. This speeds up the decrease of muscle tissue even further.

For a healthy body it is therefore important to get enough proteins (and sufficient exercise). The vegetable proteins in SoPure fruit & nuts high protein bars help with this.

SoPure RAW chocolate.
Dark chocolate as it was intended.

The introduction of SoPure RAW Chocolate marks the return to how chocolate was prepared centuries ago. Pure and intense while preserving its beneficial qualities and ingredients. Chocolate as it once was intended.

In our Raw Chocolate, we use only the most carefully selected organic ingredients. The cocoa beans that we buy are grown exclusively by small organic farmers in Ecuador. These Arriba Nacional beans are well known for their rich, intense flavour and complex tones of fruit and flowers. And obviously, our RAW Chocolate products are free of any pesticides, insecticides, trans fats and artificial additives. Giving our chocolate its pure and explosive flavour.

Large producers heat their cocoa up to 150 °C, eradicating their cocoa’s most beneficial qualities, In order to retain those qualities, our cocoa beans are processed at the lowest possible temperatures. This is exactly why SoPure Raw Chocolate is so rich in antioxidants that help protect our bodies against aggressive free radicals that can result in serious health problems h. And why theobromine, tryptophan, anandamide and phenylethylamine are retained. Substances that promote a sense of relaxation and that have a positive effect on our mood and our emotions.

We take our social responsibilities seriously. That is why we buy our cocoa beans from small, certified organic farmers in Ecuador and pay them a fair price. Allowing them to earn enough revenue to continue their production sustainably and organically.