About SoPure

SoPure is a new brand of healthy and functional food products from Les Chevaliers BV. Our products are available internationally in major supermarkets, service stations as well as through our web shop.

Ric Zuiverloon’s story

Ric Zuiverloon is an entrepreneur with a deeply rooted curiosity for people and business. What is that motivates them? What inspires them? What do they want and where do want to go? As the owner of a confectionery company Ric likes nothing better than creating in the broadest sense of the word. To find opportunities, tackle obstacles, take risks, to continue where others stop and above all: to develop new products.

Ric is also a family man and the father of five. All of them sports fanatics. His eldest daughter successfully graduated from the dance academy and currently studies sport management. His two sons played football at the national level with AZ Alkmaar and in the first division at Argon Mijdrecht. And his two youngest girls have been playing field hockey since the age of four.

Like many other parents, Ric was surprised to find that in most sports facilities his children couldn’t buy any healthy foods or drinks after a match or practice. In most cases only candy bars, deep-fried snacks and carbonated soft drinks are the only products available to satisfy their appetites and help restore their bodies. These are obviously not the most suitable products for people who opt for a healthier lifestyle.

Broader societal and social developments, including obesity caused by over-consumption and our children’s increasingly limited time spent participating in non-digital physical activities, also fuelled Ric’s desire to do something about this situation.

So, as the owner of a foods producing company, Ric decided to create a range of healthy snacks and drinks for people who choose to follow a healthier lifestyle. Granted, not all products that his company produces fit in a modern and healthy diet. But there is a significant difference between savouring a piece of chocolate every now and again or consuming and entire family bag several times a week.

And so the idea for SoPure was born. Les Chevaliers launched a new range of products, developed in accordance with the latest findings in the fields of healthy foods and in collaboration with professional top athletes. A range of tasty snacks and drinks containing only the purest and finest ingredients available.

The SoPure brand currently consists of a range of delicious fruit and nuts bars and RAW chocolate products that are widely available in international supermarkets and service stations. For Ric Zuiverloon this is just the beginning. Together with his team Ric continues to work hard on further improving SoPure’s existing products and to create new sustainable products.

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